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General Roleplay Rules Empty General Roleplay Rules

Post by gundamoutlaw on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:21 pm

General Role Playing Rules

Character Deaths

  • Players may decide upon the death of their own characters at any time and for any reason, OOC. This death is required to be played out in RP. When role playing the character death, players should check with the staff for help deciding how best to go about it during the particular thread or plot. Players may submit character death scenarios to the staff to get ideas and approval.
  • Player Characters may not cause a character death for another player character without the written permission of both players. Written permission may be accepted in the following ways: OOC tags/notes in the IC thread, Private Message(PM), or OOC thread posts stating the intention and action. This most be followed by a written agreement in the same form, by both the player performing the kill and the player taking the kill. Once members of the staff see that all of the above required information has been submitted the kill will be approved.

Staff Intervention

  • The Staff of MSAD-UC reserves the right to issue a penalty toward a Player Character in the form of their choosing, as punishment for repeat offenses of bad RPing, misconduct in RP and out of RP, etc. To avoid such instances, please follow the rules listed here.
  • The Staff of MSAD-UC reserves the right to intervene in the illegal killing of another player and thus alter or delete the post or thread at their discretion, without warning to either player. Those who do not adhere to the PC killing rules set forth above will be penalized. Repeat offense will result in a site ban of one week. Further offenses will lead to a permanent ban at the Staff's discretion.
Follow Posting Order

  • During any role playing thread all role players are to follow the posting order as set by the author of the thread. At the author or staff's discretion, the posting order may be changed or deviated from. Unless otherwise stated by the thread author or the staff, the posting order should be followed. Certain circumstances brought up with the staff and/or in a proper Leave Thread post may alter the posting order or excuse the involved parties from posting in the correct order.
  • Regardless of the laxness of posting order in a thread deemed as such, all participants should allow sufficient leeway to other participants, before posting in the thread again. As stated above, certain circumstances may alter posting order and/or excuse the involved parties from posting in the correct order. It is the responsibility of all thread participants to take such circumstance into account when allowing others time to post.
  • The only exception to the above rules regarding posting order comes when a player has been absent without posting a Leave Thread or made allowances via other means for more the 1 week (7 days). Should this occur, the author of the thread or the next player in the posting order may request permission from a member of staff to skip ahead to the next character in the order. This prevision is in place to prevent thread stagnation and loss of interest due to a hold created by a randomly vanishing player. Many sites have died this way, and we don't want to see the same repeated here.
Thread Tags

  • If any circumstance calls for an Out Of Character note in a post, the note must be placed in appropriate OOC tags. This simply means that the OOC note should be labeled and separated from any and all IC content within the post.


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