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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

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General Character Creation Rules

No Explicit Content

  • Explicit material (sexual RPing, inappropriate images or links, distasteful character histories, etc.) will not be tolerated. There is a fine line between tasteful works and distasteful works. Crude references, obscene language/slang, revealing images, and sexual RP situations will not be tolerated. You can write out a point in a characters history that involves love and/or sex without being vulgar. Any instance of this rule being broken will result in the character not being approved and/or possibly deleted depending on the circumstances.
No Canon-Characters

  • MSAD-UC does not include canon characters in the role play in any playable manner. As such, your Original Character may not have any relation, nor make any reference to a canon character from the Universal Century that would compromise their existing back stories. Nor may you make references to any other Gundam Universe.

    • The exception to this rule are the clones of Elpeo Ple that were left floating about after the First Neo Zeon War. These characters are extremely limited in number and may only be taken on with special permission from the staff.
No Over-Powered (OP) or 'Genius' Characters

  • For the purpose of this RP, all characters will act as the basic, everyday characters of their respective faction. In the Gundam meta-verse all of the Canon characters could be referred to as 'Geniuses' and here at MSAD-UC we seek to avoid the hum-drum, repetitive nature of such characters. Original Characters (OCs) are unique and do not need to be 'Geniuses' to set themselves apart.
  • If the staff deems any abilities, actions, or techniques as OP during the creation process, we reserve the right to ask for said content to be edited.
Follow the Universal Century Time Line of Events

  • The Role Play takes place in 0096 of the Universal Century. For all Universal Century events leading up to this period, please reference the Universal Century Timeline

    • For current events, please refer to the Current Role Play Timeline.
Follow the Character Template

  • When creating a new character for this role play, you must strictly follow the template code designated for New Characters. The template is available on the Character Information board, under both the New Applications and WIP Applications board, with the title Character Submission Form.
  • Don't forget to make a Face Claim it you have a particular person in mind for your character. Also please remember to give proper credit to the owners/source of the original image. If you do not know the media origin of the character in question, then instead cite the website and/or user account where you found it.
Use the Character Creation Guide

  • When creating a new character for this role play, you should adhere to the following guide in order to meet the criteria for a proper character on this site. The guide is located in the rules section, titled Character Creation Guide.
Refer to other Approved Characters

  • When creating a new character for this role play, you may refer to existing characters as examples of how to meet the guidelines for Character Creation in regards to MSAD-UC. The Approved Applications lists all Approved Characters on the site.

    • You may not borrow text, ideas, concepts, nor any other material from an existing character. If you partake in this action, the unoriginal material will be removed immediately.
Stay within the Universe boundaries

  • This simply means that we will not allow content in characters that does not fit the world in which we are Role Playing.
Pilot License

  • Without a Mobile Suit License it is impossible to have a character holding a rank that would allow them to be a pilot. In order to obtain one you must first complete an OOC Mobile Suit battle so that we can judge your RP skills accordingly. It is HIGHLY recommended that your application match is with a mass-production model, usually the one you expect to be using in the Main RP.
  • For further information regarding the Pilot License Rule, guidelines on obtaining a Pilot License, and other pertinent information refer to the Pilot License Template

    • If you are an incoming member that has obtained their Pilot License from Mobile Suit Advent Destiny, you need only PM any member of the staff with a URL to your MSAD Account and your license will transfer over to MSAD-UC.
    • When creating a new character remember that you need to prove yourself in the RP before you will be given a higher rank. Create a lower rank character to start with to get a real feel for the site. When people trust you, obtaining a higher rank with a second character or receiving a promotion is more likely to happen.

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