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Post by gundamoutlaw on Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:55 pm

General Site Rules

English Language Only

  • MSAD-UC is an English, literary role playing site. While the need/want for a character to speak in a language other than English may arise, we encourage you to portray this in one of two ways:

  • Example: Thomas replied to his friend in German, "I love you."

    • For this example, the writer has typed in English while stating that the character spoke in German.

  • Example: Thomas replied to his friend, "Ich liebe dich."

    • For this example, the writer has typed in German and must translate the foreign speech into English at the bottom of the page, using OOC tags.

No L33t Speak

  • MSAD-UC is a full literary role playing site. This means that for In-Character (IC) posts, only grammatically correct English is accepted. No L33t Speak, short-hand, text-hand, or any other form of shortening will be accepted for IC posts. Those partaking in these acts will be forced to edit and/or delete their posts.

    • Some moderate short-hand will be accepted for Out-of-Character (OOC) posts but is highly frowned upon. Here at MSAD-UC you are encouraged to write correctly at all times.

No Inappropriate Conduct

  • Members of MSAD-UC will conduct themselves in a polite and courteous manner toward fellow members and Staff. This forum is a role playing community. As such, direct and blatant rudeness or other inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. All members are encouraged to be friendly toward one another, but are required to be decent and respectful to one another.
Moderate cursing

  • Cursing should be kept to a bare minimum when used in OOC settings and posts. Cursing should never be aimed directly at members of the Staff, or regular members in any offensive way. This will not be tolerated, and is in direct violation of the No Flaming rule.
  • Cursing, in moderation, is acceptable for In-Character settings and posts. However, this should be kept to minimum. Limits should be set on IC cursing, as this could still be offensive to some members. Thus, no IC posts with excessive cursing will be allowed.
No Flaming

  • Flaming (hostility, being intentionally offensive or insulting) is not tolerated and those who partake in flaming will be punished. Remember to keep calm and think before you type.
No Trolling/Do Not Feed the Trolls

  • Posts which are off-topic, extraneous, and/or aimed at simply provoking any or all members, will not be tolerated. In the event that such a thing occurs, responses that further this action will not be tolerated either. Those who partake in trolling will be punished.
No Godmodding

  • Godmodding while role playing is not allowed. Your character(s) are not all powerful, nor are they all knowing. They cannot do whatever they want out side of the guidelines set by the Staff and site Rules. Godmodding is not tolerated and those who partake in godmodding will be punished.
No Metagaming

  • Metagaming is defined as use of Out-of-Character(OOC) knowledge by a character that wouldn't have access to such knowledge in terms of In-Character (IC) play. Metagaming is not tolerated and those who partake in metagaming will be punished.
No Explicit Content

  • Explicit material (sexual RPing, inappropriate images or links, distasteful character histories, etc.) will not be tolerated. There is a fine line between tasteful works and distasteful works. Crude references, obscene language/slang, revealing images, and sexual RP situations will not be tolerated.
  • Adult thread tags are not allowed on this site. If you are considering creating a thread that has content that even remotely falls under 'Adult' content, you should first consult a member of Staff in order to find a median between your wants and the rules.
  • If Staff or any regular member expresses discomfort as a result of any questionable material, you will be asked to remove/edit the material immediately.
No Illegal Downloading

  • MSAD-UC does not condone illegal downloading and thus it's members shall make no promotion or request for illegal downloading of any software, service, merchandise, etc at anytime on the forum.
No Large Images

  • The use of images that are wider than 800 pixels is not tolerated. This causes stretching of posts. In the event an image wider than 800 pixels is used, in either a signature or post or any nature, the author will be asked to edit the image and/or delete it.

Notification of Leave

  • Certain real-life circumstance often call role players away from the site on a daily basis. Other situations may call for an absence of more than two(2) days. In the event that you will be gone for more than than two(2) full days, with no activity we ask that you post a proper notification in the "Leave Notification" board.
  • MSAD-UC acknowledges that one may not have forewarning of some such events and therefore, one may be unable to post a proper notification during the appropriate time. MSAD-UC will not punish or exclude such cases from Site or RP events as a result of this. We simply ask that once all of your affairs are in order, and when you feel ready to return, that you submit a post-notification either in the Leave Board or to any member of staff. Please remember that real-life circumstance should be your top priority before site circumstances and MSAD-UC fully acknowledges this.

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