Reuben Graam Szilard

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Reuben Graam Szilard

Post by AaronW on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:59 pm

---------------------:: PLAYER INFORMATION ::---------------------

Name: AaronW
English Language Proficiency: Native
Character Number: 01
Faction: Neo Zeon Remnants
Accepted Rules: Yes

---------------------:: CHARACTER INFORMATION ::---------------------

General Information

Full Name: Reuben Graam Szilard
Alias/Title: N/A
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Newtype
Place of Origin: Side 6
Citizenship: Side 6, Palau

Physical Information

Height: 6' 2" :: 187.96 cm
Weight: 185 lbs :: 83.91 kg
Body Type: Athletically Toned
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Chin-length, swept back
Identifying Features: Beard and Mustache, Grey in hair and facial hair
Handiness: Right-handed

Military & Personal Information

Combat Preference:

Close Combat :: 90%
Mid-Ranged Combat :: 25%
Long-Ranged :: 60%

Personality: A two paragraph minimum

Background Information

    - Meeka Constance :: Fiance :: Deceased :: Accountant
    - Uluhara Szilard :: Mother :: Deceased :: Side 6 Chemist
    - Vossler Szilard :: Father :: Deceased :: Neo Zeon Pilot



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