AMX-109 Capule [6 Units]

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AMX-109 Capule [6 Units] Empty AMX-109 Capule [6 Units]

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AMX-109 Capule [6 Units] 57456CP8AMX-109 Capule [6 Units] Amx-109-ma

General and Technical Data

Model Number: AMX-109
Code Name: Capule
Unit Type: Limited Production Amphibious Multi-Mode Mobile Suit
Number in Service: 6
Manufacturer: Neo Zeon
Operator: Neo Zeon
Capacity: Pilot only :: Panoramic Monitor/Linear Seat Cockpit in torso
First deployment: 0088 U.C.

    16.5 meters Mobile Suit Mode
    9.9 meters Mobile Armor Mode


  • Max: 57.5 metric tons
  • Standard: 38.7 metric tons


  • Gundarium Alloy (bi-layered)

Power Plant: Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor :: 1840 kW
Equipment and Design Features:

  • Sensors :: Range 12300 meters

Fixed Armaments:

  • 1x Laser Beam Eye, mounted on head
  • 1x Sonic Blast, mounted on main body
  • 8x Missile Launcher, mounted in main body
    • 2 rounds per launcher, 16 total

Optional Fixed Armaments: N/A

Optional Hand Armaments: N/A

Technical and Historical Notes

As Neo Zeon launches its invasion of Earth during the First Neo Zeon War in UC 0088, they employ several new mobile suit designs built for terrestrial combat. One of these units is the AMX-109 Capule, which is an amphibious mobile suit based loosely on the old Principality of Zeon's MSM-03 Gogg from the One Year War. Armed with eight missile launchers, a sonic blast weapon in its waist, and a laser beam "eye" on its small, flat head, this small mobile suit packs an enormous amount of firepower for its size, all cooled by a hydro-cooling system. The Capule's arms can fold up inside its main body and its legs can fold back, turning the mobile suit into a mobile armor-like form that is faster and more streamlined when moving underwater. In its mobile armor mode, the Capule can also move along the water's surface in a fashion similar to a hovercraft. However, the Capule seems to have lost many of the lessons learned by the Principality of Zeon during its amphibious mobile suit development during the One Year War. As a result, the Capule proves to be an inefficient design and is highly unpopular with its pilots - apparently Spacenoids have forgotten how to build ocean-going mobile suits for use on Earth.


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