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AMX-009 Dreissen Empty AMX-009 Dreissen

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AMX-009 Dreissen Amx009dreissensleevesco

General and Technical Data

Model Number: AMX-009
Code Name: Dreissen
Unit Type: Mass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Neo Zeon
Operator: Neo Zeon
Capacity: Pilot only :: Panoramic Monitor/Linear Seat Cockpit in torso
First deployment: 0088 U.C.
Height: 23.4 meters

  • Max: 66. metric tons
  • Standard: 36.7 metric tons


  • Gundarium Alloy

Power Plant: Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor :: 2380kW
Equipment and Design Features:

  • Sensors :: Range 13100 meters

Fixed Armaments:

  • 2x 3-barrel Beam Cannon, mounted in forearms
  • 3x Tri-Blade, melee throwing weapon, stored on racks on backpack, hand-carried in use

Optional Fixed Armaments: N/A

Optional Hand Armaments:

  • 1x Beam Lancer, power rated at 1.7 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, can be combined with Beam Tomahawk
  • 1x Beam Tomahawk, power rated at 0.92 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, can be combined with Beam Lancer
  • 1x Giant Bazooka
    • Clip-fed, 4 rounds per clip
    • Spare clips stored on Hip Armor racks

Technical and Historical Notes
Like its ancestor, the MS-09RII Rick Dom II, the Dreissen was designed with high speed ground combat in mind. Although larger than the Dom the new alloys used in its construction make the Dreissen much lighter thus more agile. One significant difference however is that the Dreissen was designed with melee combat in mind, although with the three barrel handguns mounted in its arms it proved to be a versatile suit. Although intended for ground combat the Dreissen was used both on Earth and in space. The Sleeves would modify their Dreissen mobile suit by creating armament holsters that can be mounted on a tri-blade rack in place of the tri-blade. These holsters are used to carry weapons such as heat sabers or a new giant bazooka.


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