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MSN-001A1 Delta Plus Msn-001a1MSN-001A1 Delta Plus Msn-001a1-wr

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MSN-001A1
Code Name: Delta Plus
Unit Type: Limited production transformable mobile suit
Number in Use: 4
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces (Londo Bell)
Capacity: Pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
First deployment: UC 0096
Height: 19.6 meters
Weight: 60.8 metric tons, base weight 27.2 tons
Construction: Gundarium Alloy
Power Plant: The power source of the MW. Check with your faction leader for help on this.
Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range 16200 meters
Fixed Armaments:
  • 2 x 60mm Vulcan Gun
  • Beam Saber
  • Aerodynamic Shield
    • Two-barrel Grenade Launcher (2 shots per barrel, 4 total)
    • Beam Cannon
Optional Fixed Armaments: n/a
Optional Hand Armaments: Beam rifle

Technical and Historical Notes
A variable mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics in U.C. 0096, the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus is an all-purpose attack mobile suit that can reenter the atmosphere unassisted and is also capable of atmospheric flight under the influence of 1G of gravity because of its high thrust. It is based on the MSN-001 δ Gundam, a transformable MS designed during the Gryps Conflict that, because of problems with insufficient frame strength, was completed as the non-transforming MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki. While Anaheim Electronics was trying various approaches to develop a production model of the Zeta series as a transformable MS, it also simultaneously conducted a reinvestigation of the shelved Delta plan and created the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus as a result. It is said that a few units of the δ Plus were produced as a mass production prototype, but because it is a nonstandard prototype, only a handful were produced, and it was difficult to place in a regular military unit. Being the spiritual successor of the Z Project, it boasts high maneuverability in most environments, and also has a well balanced range of weapons, Equipped with a beam rifle, beam saber, vulcan guns and shield. Currently four of these units have been assigned to Londo Bell for the purposes of field testing.

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