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MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1 Empty MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1

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MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1 Msz-006c1MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1 Msz-006c1-wr

General and Technical Data

Model Number: MSZ-006C1
Code Name: Zeta Plus C1
Unit Type: Mass production transformable mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Capacity: number of pilots and type of cockpit
First deployment: UC 0088
Height: Mobile suit mode: overall height 22.11 meters, head height 19.86 meters; waverider mode: overall length 24.90 meters (36.00 meters, equipped with beam smartgun), wingspan 23.54 meters
Weight: Empty 36.18 metric tons; max gross 77.04 metric tons (86.77 metric tons, equipped with beam smartgun
Construction: Gundarium γ alloy composite
Power Plant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2070 kW
Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range 17000 meters (21000 meters if equipped with beam smartgun)
Fixed Armaments:
  • 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, mounted in head (Fire-linked)
  • 2 x beam cannon, power rated at 14 MW, mounted on thighs
  • 2 x beam saber, power rated at 0.9 MW, stored in recharge racks, hand-carried in use
  • 4 x wing hardpoint, 2 per wing
  • Aerodynamic Shield
Optional Fixed Armaments: n/a
Optional Hand Armaments:
  • Beam smartgun, power rated at 50 MW
  • Beam Rifle, power rated at 5.7 MW and powered by rechargeable energy-cap
Technical and Historical Notes
The transformable mobile suit MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam developed by the AEUG resistance group is originally considered far too complex and expensive for mass production. But Karaba, the organization that serves as the AEUG's terrestrial forces, takes note of the Zeta Gundam's effectiveness and redesigns it to create the mass production type MSK-006 Zeta Plus (later redesignated as the MSZ-006A1). Because this machine is intended exclusively for use in the atmosphere, its space flight systems and atmospheric entry features are eliminated. However, its cost-performance ratio and flight capabilities are superior to those of the prototype Zeta Gundam.

Instead of the flying armor used by the original Zeta Gundam, the Zeta Plus is equipped with variable geometry wing binders similar to those of the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki. These wing binders improve the flight characteristics of the wave rider form, giving it a cruising range of hundreds of kilometers, and in mobile suit form they can be used for AMBAC maneuvering rather than simply becoming dead weight. The Zeta Plus is also equipped with two thigh beam cannons, which are connected directly to its movable frame so that energy supply and fire control can be performed without using the mobile suit's hands.

The success of the A1 inspired the AEUG to redesign the Zeta Plus once again so that it can be used in space. This C1 type is equipped with new cooling systems for use in space, its nuclear thermal jet engines are replaced with hybrid jet/rocket engines that can be used in any environment, and it has a backpack containing four additional thrusters. Although it retains the wing binders of the A1 type rather than the flying armor of the prototype Zeta Gundam, this version of the Zeta Plus is capable of performing atmospheric entry with precise calibration. The firepower of the C1 type can be increased by replacing its shield with a powerful beam smartgun. This beam smartgun is integrated into a flight sub unit that contains a small generator and energy CAP system, and it can be equipped with a coaxial disc radome for long-range attacks. In mobile suit form the beam smartgun is carried on the arm of the Zeta Plus, and in wave rider form it serves as the machine's nose. Propellant tanks can also be attached to the wing binders, giving the Zeta Plus the ability to descend to the lunar surface and then launch back into space.

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