RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type)

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RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type) Empty RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type)

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RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type) Rgm-89de

General and Technical Data

Model Number: RGM-89De
Code Name: Jegan (ECOAS Type)
Unit Type: Mass production special operations mobile suit
Manufacturer: Anaheim Electronics
Operator: Earth Federation Forces (ECOAS)
Capacity: Pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
First deployment: UC 0096
Height: 19.0 meters
Weight: 49.5 metric tons; base weight 22.8 metric tons
Construction: Titanium Alloy/Ceramic Composite
Power Plant: Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor, 1870 kW output
Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range 20160 meters
Fixed Armaments:
  • Beam Saber
  • 3-slot Hand Grenade Rack (3 grenades total)
Optional Fixed Armaments:
  • Shield
    • 2 x 2-tube Small Missile Launcher, 3 round magazine per tube (12 rounds total)
Optional Hand Armaments:
  • Beam Rifle
  • Bazooka

Technical and Historical Notes
The RGM-89De Jegan [ECOAS Type] is a special version of the RGM-89D Jegan used by the Earth Federation's special task group ECOAS. Due to the decline of large-scale conflicts in the U.C. 90s, the Earth Federation withholds investing in the development of new MS models, and instead goes forward with a program to upgrade the existing force of RGM-89 Jegans. The Jegan was chosen because it's design was modularity constructed, so that the machine's components were upgradeable over time.

Its designed for situations where ECOAS missions are expected to involve direct combat with mobile suits. It has additional sensors and extra chest armor for increased survivability. The ECOAS Type features the same armaments of the normal Jegan, consisting of a beam saber, a rechargeable energy cap using beam rifle, a three slot hand grenade rack, and a new model of shield that has two two-tube missile launchers built in. The Jegan could also be outfitted with an improved bazooka style weapon for increased firepower. Additional armor components were also added. As ECOAS is used as special task force, The RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type) is more likely to hide itself from sensor and radar instead of using Minovsky Particle to jam them. To fulfill that purpose, the RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type) uses stealth painting on its body.

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